New Projects for Sale

We have a selection of exciting new projects under construction and available to the market today!

Global Plumbing

Global Plumbing & Drainage are a team of registered plumbers that provide water distribution and waste disposal services for a variety of building and development projects.

Global Homes

Global Homes is a residential building company with more than 20 years of industry experience. This experience, combined with our team of highly skilled New Zealand licensed tradespeople, ensures that every Global Home is built to the highest possible industry standards.

Global Electrical

The Global Electrical team is a group of qualified experienced electricians. Safety and quality of work is paramount when working with complex electrical appliances fittings and equipment and all our work is completed to local government and industry standards.

Global Warming

The company has a wide range of options to suit different property sizes and requirements, from a selection of heat pumps through to the implementation of solar panels.

Odd Job Johnny

The handymen of the Global Group, Odd Job Johnny deals with all the small but important jobs that our clients require from time to time. Whatever the task, the team at Odd Job Johnny will work out a way to do it. Chances are they will have done it before.